RMS StartService – is a ready-to-deploy packaged service designed by Microsoft and delivered by Microsoft partners. This service is an excellent opportunity to deploy a protection system of corporate electronic data in practice, test its features and start using it.

Expected results

On the completion of the project we will be able to present the following results:

Physical infrastructure

  • Adjusted PKI infrastructure (one CA server)
  • Set up AD RMS role
  • Security requirements check, setup of 2 security policies
  • Application of security policy to test Microsoft Office documents
  • Practical training of customer’s in-house specialists, professional consulting on deployment and setup of the product

System architecture

RMS structure

RMS has certain demands to the existing IT infrastructure. Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) directory service is a mandatory requirement. RMS uses it for authentication. All users and groups working with RMS should have an e-mail address, adjusted in AD DS. It is required for getting access to protected content and independent publishing of protected documents.

Also RMS requires database server, namely SQL server. Operational systems, starting from Windows 2000 and Microsoft Office (Ultimate, Professional Plus or Enterprise) may stand as clients, which allow protecting documents and using protected documents.

Cheaper editions allow work with protected files. After Windows Server 2008 has been introduced on the market, RMS server is deployed with the server role and becomes a part of OS.

Deployment requirements

One MS Exchange Server (can be a virtual)

  • Processor: one 2-core 64×1,86 GHz
  • RAM: minimum 1 GB with clock frequency 88 MHz
  • Disk subsystem: 5 GB of whitespace
  • Net interfaces: Gigabit Ethernet

Network Clients

  • Processor: 1 GHz
  • RAM: minimum 1 GB
  • OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
  • Client’s software: installed during deployment

Deployment plan

Day 1

  • Overview of security solution based on Microsoft PKI and AD RMS
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Servers setting
  • Questions and Answers

Day 2

  • Installation of certification services
  • Servers update to support certification and licensing

Day 3

  • Administering
  • Services management
  • Policies and confidence management
  • Patterns and accounts management


  • 1500 EURO for remote implementation;
  • 2000 EURO for on-site implementation.

Deployment time

3 days