Microsoft RDS StartService is a Microsoft authorized service delivered by Microsoft certified partners. The service includes deployment of a pilot zone of a VDI infrastructure. As a part of the program in-house specialists get knowledge and practical training from MS partner.

Microsoft RDS

Expected results

The following results can be expected on completion of the project:

Physical infrastructure

  • One physical or virtual server with deployed Windows Server 2008 R2 and adjusted RD Connection Broker service
  • One physical server with deployed Windows Server 2008 R2 and adjusted RD Virtualization Host service
  • Two physical or virtual servers with deployed Windows Server 2008 R2 and adjusted RD Session Host service
  • Several (5-10) work stations adjusted for RDS

RDS functionality

  • Remote connection to applications on Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Remote startup of applications from web
  • Possibility to work in the operating system virtually deployed on RDS server
  • Balancing adjustment of load on RDS


  • Up to 5 in-house customer’s IT specialists


  • Logic diagram of service infrastructure (developed as the project progresses)

Roles and responsibilities

  • Partner: the service is provided by a certified specialist; setup and deployment of a pilot zone, consulting on maintenance.
  • Customer: provides the site and software (trial versions are allowed); provides hardware for successful deployment including network infrastructure, workstations; up to 5 in-house IT specialists have to participate in the project.

Customer’s infrastructure requirements

To ensure the success of deployment of RDS solution, customer’s infrastructure should meet the following requirements:

  • Active Directory branching
  • Administration role in Active Directory (Schema Admin, Enterprise Admin)

If customer’s infrastructure does not meet these requirements, it is possible, as a part of the service, to deploy a separate branch of Active Directory in the pilot zone.

Hardware requirements

One MS Exchange Server (can be a virtual)

  • Processor: one 2-core 64x with 2.0 GHz and more
  • OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 64x Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition

Deployment plan

Day 1

  • Review of Windows Remote Desktop Services features
  • Design of Windows Remote Desktop Services architecture
  • Planning infrastructure of Windows Remote Desktop Services
  • Questions and answers

Day 2

  • Getting servers ready; deployment of Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Roles setup to work with Remote Desktop Services
  • Server optimization for Remote Desktop Services
  • Getting a virtual machine with Windows 7 OS ready
  • Setup of virtual workstations
  • Questions and answers

Day 3

  • Setup of clients’ computers and getting them ready to work with RDS
  • Work with profile on RDS server, optimization of group politics
  • Adjustment of load balancing between servers of terminal farm
  • Questions and answers


  • 1500 EURO for remote implementation;
  • 2000 EURO for on-site implementation.

Deployment time

3 days