Dedicated Development Team

Avicoma, our outsourcing development center in Ukraine will help you to set up your own development team in Ukraine, new rapidly growing software development hub for many companies across the world.

This service can help you quickly and effectively grow your IT work force at a fraction of price and with no hassle related to recruiting, interviewing, accounting and legal procedures. It is especially beneficial for long-term cooperation and projects that require from your developers full dedication and adherence to your business ethics and standards.

Ukraine is world famous for talented IT professionals, experienced and juniors graduating from a number of prestigious Technical Universities. There is a large talent pool available for interviews and we use proved methodologies to build an effective and motivated team for our clients.

Dedicated Development Service

Have a look at a short list of what we offer as Client Own Dedicated Development Team:

  • Organizing online interview of a candidate with the customer
  • Hiring the chosen candidate and execution of all accounting and legal procedures, including signing NDA with the new employee
  • Head hunting according to client’s requirements
  • Setting up the work place for the new employee (I5-7/ 8G/2x500Gb 2x 24” Full HD, Avaya phone, anatomic chair, big desk, UPS)
  • Providing the new employee with Internet access through the main and cached circuit (10 user-10 Mb/c min)
  • Providing the new employee with collaboration means, such as video and audio conferencing
  • Back up, access to TFS and MS Project server, server resources for test virtual machines (1 core 8Gb mem 40Gb hdd per an employee)
  • Providing the new employee with remote access to his/her computer from home and access to the telephone network
  • Control of work hours specifying the time of remote and office work
  • Comfortable office, equipped modern kitchen, meeting rooms
  • Possibility to get simultaneous translation services during video and telephone conference calls

We believe that every project is unique and requires case-by-case approach.