IT Outstaffing

Could you accomplish more if you had at least 10 extra hours a month? Outstaffing is an easy and quick way of hiring personnel.

IT Outstaffing is getting manpower from third companies and this model combines classical outstaffing with IT outsourcing. Our clients get all the control over the fulfillment of tasks, adherence to corporate rules, usage of corporate information and resourcing, while HardPoint provides all technical and administrative resources to the remote employees to let them work as a valuable part or client’s team.

IT outstaffing to Eastern Europe

Ukraine is in the top 10 players in IT development now and Ukrainian IT specialists are conquering the international markets. The tense competition between the IT outsourcing centers in Eastern Europe makes the local specialists and service providers keep up the best world IT standards and business practices. In 2011 Ukrainian government has approved a bill Economical experiment aimed at creating auspicious conditions for the development of software development industry. The experiment will last till 2017 and will include a number of arrangements including lowering of tax burden to the companies operating on IT market.

At the moment there are over 2,000 software development companies operating in Ukraine, and if you add the ones that specialize on system administration, IT outsourcing and IT outstaffing, you would need more than a week to list them all.

The major advantages of Ukrainian IT market before other Eastern European markets, when we are talking about IT outstaffing and IT outsourcing/ nearshoring, are the high standards of education, moderate rates and cultural proximity to the European mentality.

HardPoint is one of the few companies that combine expertise in IT technologies with deep insight into the process of hiring IT staff and maintaining the best work environment for employees in terms of comfort and technology.

Our experience and diverse expertise can be of good use for companies of any size – from small business startups to large international holdings. IT outstaffing is not about the lack of your in-house specialists, but about efficiency and economical gain. Outstanding quality of our consulting and outstaffing services is aimed at providing our customers with information security and comfort or work at the highest possible level.

Business models of IT outstaffing

HardPoint can offer various types of cooperation, depending on customer’s requirements and needs. We are as flexible as your own in-house HR department can be and let you choose the most suitable business model:

  • IT manpower for a long-term or a project;
  • Establishing a Dedicated Client Own Dedicated IT Team.