Desktop Virtualization

Virtualization technologies available in Windows Server 2008 allow running applications on one computer and managing them from another computer.

Supported by remote desktop services, virtualization technology allows installing and managing applications on centralized servers in data centers. During the work process terminal services receive the information about keystrokes and cursor moves from user’s computer and send screen images to it.

Acceleration of applications deployment

  • Work with multifunctional applications from the devices where otherwise this work is impossible
  • Acceleration of deployment of new operating systems, for example, Windows7
  • Single deployment of applications on server instead of deploying them on every local computer

Remote employees work more efficiently

  • Up to 5 in-house customer’s IT specialists
  • Practical training and consulting on deployment and setup from a specialist
  • Tight integration of RemoteApp terminal services with local desktop

Help with data and applications protection

  • Elimination of data fraud in case of computer loss or theft
  • Centralized data storage makes it easy to keep to regulatory standards
  • Connection to internal applications using https protocol without the need to use VPN infrastructure

In new version of Windows Server 2008 R2 remote desktop services got new possibilities and became a scalable platform for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). VDI is architecture of centralized access to desktops, which allows deploying ОС Windows 7 OS and other desktop environment, manage them on virtual machines that work on server.

Main benefits of VDI

  • Better efficiency when supporting flexible work plans, including working from home and offering employees to use available desks
  • Increase of data security and compliance to regulatory standards
  • Easy and effective management of desktop OS and applications

RDS services offer users more possibilities for them to use VDI – RemoteFX together with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.


RemoteFX provides users with the possibility to work comfortable with high definition video and complex graphic objects in various formats, including Silverlight, Direct3D 9.0c, 3D models and Windows Aero with the help of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Moreover it offers full support of double synchronous audio transmission and low-level connection of USB devices to a remote desktop.

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