Unified communications solution based on Lync 2013 combines all necessary means of communication: e-mails exchange, audio and video conferences, web conferences. The possibilities that come with Microsoft Lync Server 2013 give us the freedom to choose appropriate means of communication and make communication unlimited.

Get more communication options with Lync Server 2013:

  • Video conferences: possibility to get quality connection and save on business trips and long-distance calls
  • Telephony: offers advanced functionality comparing to ordinary PBX and substitutes it completely.
  • Distance education: learn more about possibilities of distance education for employees from remote offices using the functionality of the solution
  • Collaboration: the functionality of the solution allows giving access rights to a desktop, organize meetings as conferences and use the feature of presentations and simultaneous document editing.
  • Instant messages and chat: possibility to exchange instant messages and save time on daily tasks.
  • Audio conferences: it requires only 2 clicks to organize a meeting or an audio conferences with colleagues and partners even on mobile phones.

Lync Service Packages

Features/ Service Packages Details Essential Anywhere Unified
Communications within corporate network:
IM PC-to-PC, multiparty + + +
Presence/Contact Card visual presence indicators; contact card with photo, status note, location etc. + + +
Calls Voice and video calls + + +
Audio/Video Conferencing Audio; HD video; Multiparty video; Video Gallery control + + +
Desktop Sharing Desktop/app sharing and remote control + + +
File Transfer Documents, photos, images, etc. + + +
Microsoft Office Integration Outlook integration, calendar, meetings, presence etc. + + +
Whiteboard and Annotations Editable collaborative area + + +
Polling Public or hidden polling + + +
External Communication:
Audio/Video/Web Conferencing Audio; HD video; multiparty video; instant messaging; content sharing + +
Lync anywhere Connect anywhere and anytime with Internet connection and Windows and Mac client + +
Federation (Lync/OCS) Communication between organizations within Lync federation + +
Lync Mobile App Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, and Android client + +
PSTN Calling Lync-to-PSTN and vice versa audio calling +
PSTN Audio Conferencing Multiparty Lync-to-PSTN audio conferencing +
Attendant Response Group, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) +
Voicemail Setup In case when Exchange Server is already integrated. Voice massage are delivered to mail box +
PBX Integration Lync voice users can call company’s PBX extensions +
Dial-In Conferencing Access to conference using an external PSTN dial-in number +
Public IM Connectivity Skype; Google Talk and other XMPP servers + +
Lync Web App HTML5-based browser Lync Meeting, including multiparty audio and HD video, instant messaging, desktop, application, and PowerPoint sharing. + +
Lync Infrastructure setup + + +
Lync Standard Edition server deployment and configuration + + +
Reverse Proxy publishing + +
External Eccess server deployment and configuration (Edge Role) + +
Enterprise Voice setup +
Lync system testing and stabilization. Ready-to-use end product + + +
Setup of 20 Lync Clients. Client User Training + + +
One month of Free Lync support + + +
Personalized Lync product guide + + +
Package price €5200 €7700 €9900

Additional Services:

Lync Archiving/Monitoring Server deployment and configuration User message history, statistics, reports etc. €675 €675 €675
Reverse Proxy installation Lync Web service publication €490 €490
Exchange Server integration Unified communication options €625
Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA). Branch office voice resiliency €1030
Persistent Chat Real-time communication in virtual rooms €675 €675 €675
Office Web Apps server deployment and configuration PowerPoint presentation €490 €490 €490

Technical Requirements

Servers 1 Lync Front-End 2 Lync (Front-End + Edge)
Processor 64-bit dual processor, quad-core, 2.0 gigahertz (GHz) or higher; 64-bit 4-way processor, dual-core, 2.0 GHz or higher;
16 GB RAM – up to 2500 users
Network 1 GB/sec NIC 1 GB/sec NIC for Lync Front-End
1 BG/sec 2 NIC for Lync Edge
Other Compatible VoIP Gateway*
*Contact us to find out more

Basic Infrastructure Requirements

Active Directory + + +
5 external IPs + +
Internet Connection (At least 10 MB/sec) + +
Reverse Proxy (can be set up as an additional service) + +
External certificates for publishing +

Licensing Requirements

To Deploy MS Lync Server, it is required to purchase Lync licenses. Microsoft does provide 120 day trial version, containing most of the features available in in the licensed product. Below is the list of licenses you need for each service package.

License Description Quantity
Basic Anywhere Unified
Lync Server 2013 One server license for all deployment types 1 1 1
Lync 2013* Lync software license 1 per user 1 per user 1 per user
Lync Server Standard CAL Instant messaging and rich presence (IM/P), PC-to-PC audio & video communications, internal Lync Meetings 1 per user 1 per user 1 per user
Lync Server Enterprise CAL Internal and external Lync Meeting creation and moderation (including dial-out to PSTN or PBX users) none 1 per user 1 per user
Lync Server Plus CAL Advanced Enterprise Voice capabilities, enhancing or replacing traditional PBX systems none none 1 per user
Windows Server** Standard 2012 1 1 1

*if you already have Office Pro Plus license, you don’t need to buy lync 2013 license
** if you already have Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012, you don’t need to buy it again.

For more in-depth information on lync Licensing take a look at Lync Licensing Guide.

Go to Lync Licensing and Purchase Solutions and choose your license package and purchase option.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We know everything about Lync and would love to help!