Lync as PBX

Choice in favour of Microsoft Lync Server 2013

Unification of communication systems into one is a practical thing to do in today’s world. PBXs installed at the end of 90’s are already outdated now and can’t compete with modern platforms. They require big time and financial investments, regular technical support and upgrade of hardware. The new technologies of voice and video transmission over IP have exceeded the ordinary telephony in quality long ago. Connection to PSTN using SIP trunk is now offered by all telephony providers, and it is cheaper than the classic telephone connections.

Lync as BBX

MS Lync Server 2013 has proved to the world that it has the right be called one of the best products for corporate communications for businesses of any size that have distant offices in other cities and abroad. There are certain benefits that differentiate Lync from traditional telephone stations and other unified communications platforms, such as Avaya and CISCO:

  • Single platform for telephony and conferencing integrated with Microsoft products and hardware provided by other vendors;
  • Rich functionality offered by Lync is not either available or of a poor quality in other platforms;
  • The best support of geographically distributed telephone networks and mobile users;
  • Support of virtualization technology that allows easy scale of the system and substantial decrease in expenses on hardware and administration;
  • The best system redundancy;
  • Low aggregate value and support rates, especially for the companies already using Microsoft products;
  • Defense of investments due to the support of the existing telecommunication equipment and constant upgrade of the platform for compliance with the growing business needs;
  • Possibility to connect full-scale telephone sets over USB;
  • Availability of variety of compatible devices: from simple and cheap handsfree connected to computer port of speaker and microphone, to high-quality DECT phones used in busy call centers.

Solution Architecture

Lync as PBX architecture

For Mobile Users

It is easy to connect people wherever they are and at any time by installing Lync on mobile platforms and telephones (iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone 7 or Android).

For mobile users Lync offers familiar functions, such as audio and video calls, conferences, calls routing, presence status, etc., that helps them to be always in touch during business trips or when working at home, and to communicate with the same comfort as if they are in the office.

With MS Lync and Asterisk used in the same solution, mobile users get a number of additional features, for example, to call when they are out of office not only using PSTN, but also using VoIP. It helps to reduce expenses and raise security and comfort.

Telephone sets

Lync telephone

Classic Desktop Telephone Sets

Desktop telephones designed for MS Lync support all functionality of PBX, advanced features when connected to computer, access to calendar and contacts, conferencing capabilities, and built-in tools for management and security. There is a wide choice of telephones for Lync: Polycom, NortelLG, Snom, HP – this is just a short list of vendors that manufacture classical devices for MS Lync. The choice of any model depends only on business requirements, preferences in functionality and company’s budget.

KIRK 60 Series rotated

DECT Telephones

Many employees working for large companies with a number of office rooms face troubles when they need to move from one room to another and be available on their phones at the same time. Wireless DECT devices allow users receiving calls using Microsoft Lync, and not to depend on computer and desktop telephone set. On the modern market such model is presented by two vendors: Polycom and Snom. For example, Polycom KIRK Wireless Server 6000 is a rather expensive and multifunctional solution with centralized management and roaming possibility. There is also a more economical option with good functionality – Snom M9.

lync headset

Lync Headsets

Linc Headset Lync supports a large number of various wire and wireless headsets, both offering the same comfort of communication. DECT technology allows not only getting rid of wired, but also move to a long distance from computers, but also provides high-quality signal transmission and saves from clutters produced by other wireless devices.

USB telephone

USB Telephones

USB Telephones USB telephones are a good choice for those companies that decided to change their traditional PBX to connection over IP protocol. Moreover, they can give modern offices a unique possibility – connection without LAN, but using Wi-Fi. Users who prefer classic models to handfree can prefer Polycom CX300, Snom UC600, Plantronics Calisto 540. Also there are other more simple and cheaper devices for home use or suitable for those who are often on business trips. For example, Plantronics Calisto P240M.

Analogue telephone ports (FXS)

Lync users can place and receive calls using analogue devices, such as telephones or fax servers that have analogue ports. There is also a good choice of devices supporting Microsoft Lync and manufactured by different vendors.