IT System Engineer for a Brokerage Company

The Customer

A European Bank in London with over 500 employees and 12 branches in Europe, CIS and Middle East.

Business Situation

The Customer was looking for an IT talent to join them as a System and Network Engineer. The candidate had to possess a Degree in Computer Science, IT, engineering or related disciplines, not less than 6 years experience in the role of IT system and network support / administration – Windows and Linux servers and MPLS WAN network, MS Exchange 2010 email servers and a lot more. The problems set for HardPoint were as follows:

  • Development of a job advertisement
  • Search for a suitable candidate in HardPoint’s existing database and posting the advertisement in various printed and web resources
  • Testing skills and knowledge of the candidates
  • Organizing interviews with the candidates selected by the Customer
  • Setting up and maintaining the work desk for the selected employee
  • Execution of all legal and accounting procedures required for a job placement

HardPoint’s experience in both headhunting and IT helped the Customer to find and hire the most suitable candidate for this job role, and the whole procedure took HardPoint only 3 weeks starting from the first contact with the Customer.

Now the new employee is working for the Customer from a comfortable office and has everything needed for communication with the Customer as if working at the same table with Customer’s in-house team:

  • I5-7/ 8G/2x500Gb 2x 24” Full HD, Avaya phone, anatomic chair, big desk, UPS
  • Internet access through the main and cached circuit
  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Back up, access to TFS and MS Project server, server resources for test virtual machines (1 core 8Gb mem 40Gb hdd)
  • Remote access to his computer from home and access to the telephone network
  • Comfortable office, equipped modern kitchen

HardPoint is regularly reporting to the Customer on the employee’s work hours specifying the time of remote and office work and provides the employee with extra services, such as translation, access to meeting rooms and trips planning when required.


Within the first month of the engagement, HardPoint was able to:

  • Find and hire the most suitable candidate for the Customer
  • Set up a modern and comfortable work place for the new employee
  • Provide the new employee with all collaboration means for communication with the Customer

The Customer’s new employee is working efficiently and his work is fully managed and controlled by Customer’s project managers and HardPoint’s managers. The Customer has managed to hire an extra professional, get all the tasks done, but for all that saving approximately £1800 each month.