Avaya Telecommunication Solution

Small to medium sized businesses in Cyprus and the UK are having to become increasingly cost conscious in the current financial climate. In an effort to increase the efficiency of their workforce, many businesses update and modernize their hardware and/or software equipment. However, there is another key area where companies can make substantial savings which is telephony. In this article we will describe a telephony solution which will not only save you money but will also revolutionize customer service. Most businesses on the island can be classified to different degrees as international. International calls from Cyprus can result in shockingly high telephone bills. Avaya offers businesses a way to avoid such costly bills with a new way of company IP telephony re-structuring. By replacing old outdated telephony solutions with Avaya IP Office businesses can enjoy numerous benefits. This new way of business calling comes with its own voicemail, and messages can be rerouted straight to your email, eliminating the time and cost consuming telephone backup office.

Connection anywhere

With Avaya IP Office your employees can work from anywhere. They will be able to place and receive calls from any laptop with an internet connection, using their own office phone number. Routing calls from mobile phones and accessing voicemail is also possible.


As your business grows so will the Avaya IP Office solution. Your telephone system will grow with you without the need for costly upgrades. Additional extensions and features are always available when required.

Improved customer service

Avaya IP Office allows to setup an automated attendant, which provides proper routing of calls and gets customers to the person they need to talk to much quicker. Instant messaging and audio conferencing features let your employees resolve all issues timely. There are possibilities to enhance your customers’ experience with your company by using such feature of Avaya IP Office as calls recording and reporting packages.

Advanced telephony features

Features, such as short phone numbers for employees, caller ID display and auto-attendant offered by the Avaya telephony solution mean that it is simple to improve and streamline communication between office workers and customers.

Integration with the existing infrastructure

Avaya IP office can be easily integrated with other applications, which are already used by company, such as Microsoft Outlook and various CRM tools.

Multi-language voicemail

This is a great add-on to the telephony features that ensures a high level of customer satisfaction as the language of the voicemails is predetermined by the caller ID.

All these features make office life much easier and raise customer appreciation of company’s services. It does not matter if you have just one office in Cyprus or if your offices are geographically distributed, either for Whether you are a small business using 2 phones,a larger business using 360 phones or even a huge corporation with 3600 users this telephony solution will make your business so much more cost efficient.