Outsourced IT Management

IT management without the stress

When you need to get on with running your business you don’t need the stress of managing all the issues that surround your IT system. However, you can’t afford to have an IT system that is prone to faults, isn’t up to the demands of the business or goes down at critical moments.
If you don’t need a full-time IT manager, but do want professional IT management you can have the best of both worlds.

With Hardpoint as your IT manager you’ll get:

  • A comprehensive audit of your ongoing business needs to ensure you have the equipment and software you need to deliver the outcomes your business needs.
  • Regular reviews, health checks for your operating systems, backup management and security protection for data.
  • Proactive maintenance to reduce system failures to an absolute minimum (it’s virtually impossible to guarantee a zero failure rate, but we get as close as possible).
  • IT cost management to ensure you get the most cost-effective rates for equipment and services.
  • A single point of contact backed up with a team of experts.

With our outsourced IT management service you’ll find your productivity improves without the stress of IT emergencies. Call us on +3 57 25 818 650 to discuss your needs.