Ad Hoc IT Support

Just when you need it

Every business is different and not all of them need regular IT support.  However, it’s not wise to be flying with no safety net – the outcomes could be disastrous!  If you don’t feel you need a full IT support contract, but want reassurance that you have someone to call on for help this is the perfect solution.
There are two options:

  •  Emergency help – on an incident by incident basis.
  • Occasional support – on a ‘when needed’ basis.

This means you aren’t committed to an ongoing contract, but have reliable expertise available whenever you need it.

How does this work?

Emergency IT problems
If your systems aren’t working call us up on 020 7070 7090 and we’ll agree a one-off incident fee and straight to work getting you systems up and running again.
Occasional IT support services
You can buy Remote Support units based on 30 minute sessions and charged on a sliding scale starting at £50 an hour.
This allows you to only use units as needed and can manage your budgets in advance.  Of course, this is flexible and you can always buy additional hours to add to your package.
There is always a solution for every need from the Hardpoint team.  Just call us on 020 7070 7090 to discuss your needs.

2 * 30 min 1 hour £50
4 * 30 min 2 hours £90
10 * 30 min 5 hours £220
20 * 30 min 10 hours £345


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