Online IT Support How To

Online Computer Support is the best way to solve most of problems fast and effectively.  It saves your money too as you don’t call an engineer onsite. It is safe and easy-to-use.  All you need is a working internet connection and your Windows/Mac running.


Online PC Support How To



Step 1

Call us on: +44 2070707090

and press 1, or go directly to



Step 2

Hit HardpointQS_en

and click Run, ignoring any warnings.

HardpointQS save or run panel
If you can only Save the file, don’t forget to double click to open after downloading.



Step 3

Tell HardPoint Online Engineer the ID number and Password, or email it to remote access ID number and password


Hardpoint remote support session panelCongratulations, the remote control of your PC has begun. You can discontinue the session anytime by closing the window. Once the window is closed, the engineer won’t be able to access your

You can save the program and simply launch it next time you require HardPoint Online Support.

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